International Insurance

International Insurance

This worldwide coverage includes air ambulance option, concierge service and medical treatment in some of the best hospitals both locally and internationally.   If you need special medical care overseas you’re covered.

• Health Insurance (Individual and Group)

• Critical illness

• Disability (Income replacement)

Give you and your family stronger protection with a life insurance plan that accounts for costs in foreign currency.

International Insurance FAQs

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The relevant medical records are to be submitted to us. In a non-emergency situation, to receive medical attention overseas through this policy, a notice of ten (10) days is required for the arrangements to be made. Our insurance partner, Morgan White, will match you with a specialist doctor based on the location you choose and make the appointment for you. They will also cover and arrange your pick up from the airport, your transportation during your stay, cover hotel and accommodation for you and your family and also provide shopping coupons.

A claim form is available for completion at our offices to be submitted with the relevant medical records.

All international plans that we provide include airlift at no extra cost.

Yes. The minimum number is 5 persons. However, for groups under 10 persons are medically underwritten.

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I would advise anybody who think they could need benefit for a critical illness in the future to get an insurance policy through Chancellor Insurance Agency.  I tried it and it carried me a far way in the treatment process when I was diagnosed with cancer.  It is of great use to me!

Mrs. Angella Berry

Chancellor Insurance Agency Client

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